About Hazel



Artist Hazel Saville

My work epitomises my passion for colour and light. I feel a major part of my life purpose is to bring colour and light to the world. My artwork reflects the light and love of my soul and the joy of my soul in colour. Each painting expresses a movement towards joy.

I enjoy making forms and shapes not previously brought into being. I have also painted many landscapes, although now my work leans more towards the abstract. Most paintings are built up with many layers of colour, giving a rich, textured effect. Most are created through the medium of artist quality acrylic paint.

In July 2011 Golden Hill Art opened its doors at the Golden Hill Centre, near Carmarthen. In my previous career I worked as a social worker in London, Neath and Swansea for 10 years. I have worked as a hypnotherapist and healer for the past 18 years (in recent years very much part time). My close rapport with my unconscious mind is reflected in my art work.

This is what an eloquent admirer of my work wrote: “We are all on a journey in life…..just as light takes time to travel to create life so we all travel on a journey to find that light…a light that transforms our banal world into a rich tapestry of colour which vibrates with the richness of life, sings with harmonies and beats with a pulse of joy in a world which would otherwise be dull with monotony. In her art Hazel vibrates the culmination of that journey in a riotous celebration of colour.”

I have worked as a hypnotherapist, healer and workshop leader since 2000. My close rapport with her unconscious mind/Creative Source is reflected in my art work. Over the last few years I have majored in art and left most of the therapy work to my husband Peter.

Paintings are created in artist quality acrylics, or oils, often built up with many layers of colour. Using the pigments modern paint production provides I love to create new forms inspired by the beauty of nature.

I am also at times a harpist, songwriter, poet and  gardener.