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About My Artwork

My Style and Methods of Working

All my paintings are original artworks and are titled, dated and are signed on the front and back.

My artwork is intuitive. Mostly now it is shaped by an interaction between the support I’m working on, e.g paper, canvas etc.; the colours I use; the feelings I have about the colours and the ideas I want to convey. Basically, I paint the way I feel. The interaction of the colours with my feeling is of prime importance to me and the style is secondary to what I feel will make the painting work.

I have a close rapport with my unconscious mind and creative source. The best paintings I create are when I allow these inner forces to come out to play without planning it all out beforehand.

I usually work on a few paintings at the same time, to allow drying time in between. I start playfully, using colour in a way that appeals to me. When I get to the final stages of the work I focus all my attention on ensuring that the piece expresses what I want to create. This can take several days, several weeks or several months depending on the size of the painting.

It usually takes several layers of paint and often a modification of the colour scheme before a painting is completed to my satisfaction.

My paintings are created mainly through the medium of artist quality acrylics, or oils. They are often built up with many layers of colour, giving a rich, textured effect. I love to create new forms inspired by the beauty of nature. 

I have painted in a variety of different styles. In 2008 I started off with a pointillist impressionistic style as I had always loved the impressionists. This phase lasted for several years and I still bring elements of it into my work.

For six or seven years I also did a lot of impasto work, building up many layers of colour.

I love the fluid quality of acrylics and experimented In creating fluid art from 2009 onwards. I have also worked with pouring mediums over the last 4 years. I like to use fluid paint to create interesting shapes and colour contrasts.

Ultimately my aim is to create an artwork that I find interesting and love to look at. I hope that other people will enjoy looking at it too.

I have painted many landscapes in a style that has always leant towards the abstract. My art usually embodies my passion for colour and light. For me it conveys the love and the joy of my soul in colour.

My Artistic Themes

I believe strongly in the need to deal with the ecological challenges facing us, the whole of humanity and our home planet Earth. Scientists say this is the age of the sixth great extinction of life on earth, most of it caused by human greed and mismanagement.

My art inevitably reflects this. It explores what has been lost to the world in relation to living things and the effects of environmental damage and the ways in which we may be able to restore the situation.  

For me an important way to do this is by tapping into our inner resources and becoming more conscious, especially of our interactions with others and with the world around us.

I feel that when we find our inner light and beauty and embody it, then our interactions with life and the world we live in will inevitably change.

The message that I want to communicate through my art is: that despite the ecological challenges facing us and all the many troubles of the world, there is still beauty, colour and light all around us waiting for us to connect to; that when we find our inner light and  beauty and embody it, then our interactions with life and the world we live in will also change. 

The close rapport I have developed with my unconscious mind through my therapy training and work can also be seen reflected in my artwork.

I hope to express the immediacy of universal feelings through my paintings and to communicate them through colour and form to my audience. 

It’s exciting when a viewer understands the feelings I want to convey. It’s even more pleasing when people see things which I must have woven into the picture at an unconscious level, things that move the person to appreciation.

Tips on Framing and Hanging Artwork

Acrylics painted on acrylic paper or canvas board – These do not need to be framed with glass, unless specifically required.

Paintings on acrylic paper – Can be mounted on board and directly framed with the frame of your choice. It can also be glued on to an unpainted canvas of the same size. Because my work often has interesting textures you may prefer it displayed without glass.

Paintings on canvas board – Are also best mounted on board to retain rigidity and then directly framed without glass.

Paintings on stretched canvas – Can be hung directly on the wall.

High-quality canvas that has been stretched over a frame – The large ones are detached from the frame and delivered rolled. Then you can either have it framed, or stretched over a frame and hung directly on the wall.

Double mounted paintings ready to frame – In a 10cm (4”) double mount. These will need to be framed with glass (unless you remove the mount.)

Many paintings currently for sale are in the online shop. Please email me if you want further information about deals and prices.

Limited Edition Giclee Prints or Limited Open Edition Prints are available for most paintings displayed. Please email me if you are interested.

Contact Details

I am based at the Golden Hill Centre, set amidst beautiful Welsh countryside, in the hills.

It is 6 miles from Carmarthen, 21 miles from Llanelli and 30 miles from Swansea.

My Art Studio and Gallery displaying my work, were purpose-built in July 2011.

For more information or for a viewing appointment you can telephone me on 07456684584 or email at

Covid-19 Update

I am opening for viewings by appointment from July 2021. Please contact me to arrange a suitable time.

Masks are advised (when possible) while indoors.

Please check local restrictions for Wales regarding the latest rules and advice.