Comments Received

Glenys Houghton – “Hazel your pictures are a joy and a delight! Have you considered teaching groups classes like ‘The joy of Painting!’ small groups painting out their feelings and transmitting their ‘darkness’into ‘light’? There is a unique freedom in releasing colour on to the canvas, ‘taking a brush for a walk’ more so if one has never painted before. there is a huge release when using a big brush or a knife ( blunt one of course) or even putting it on with bare hands or a twig. They cannot help but be inspired. Your counselling within that group could lead to very productive and effective one to one sessions – paint a bad feeling and scrape it off and replace it with a good one, excercises like that! With all good wishes.”

Deena –  “I am captivated by the beauty of the colours, the stillness, yet the apparent movement, the indescribable essence of … (I don’t know because it’s indescribable) … wholeness (I guess), completeness.  There is ’a presence’ about these pictures that I can’t describe.  I only know that I received peace and joy from viewing these images. Thank you so much.”


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